Bio: Jamie Zubairi (or “Zooby” to his friends and voiceover buddies) is a British born Anglo-Malay voiceover artist with over 5 years experience in the voiceover business after many years of being in the acting business. He is one of the few completely bi-lingual Malay and English voiceovers working in London.

Famously his voice was one of the first voices on Al-Jazeera in English when they first started broadcasting in 2006 and as a character called ‘Rak’ in a James Bond videogame. He also distinctly voices the radio announcer’s dry sense of humour in ‘Just Cause 2’

He continues to voice for corporate and commercials around the world, sometimes from his home studio in London.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. John Florian says:

    Hi Jamie,

    It’s great to learn about you, and congratulations on an excellent blog about translations. May I reprint this on VoiceOverXtra (www.VoiceOverXtra.com), with your byline, photo and an editor’s note about you? Thanks for considering it, and best wishes,
    PS: My direct email is: JohnFlorian@VoiceOverXtra.com

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